How Many People Died in the Sinking of the Titanic?

We all know the story of the Titanic, but how many people actually died in the sinking of the ship? Read on to find out.

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The Titanic sank on April 15 1912 after hitting an iceberg on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. A total of 1,516 people died in the disaster, including 815 passengers and 703 crew members.

The Titanic’s maiden voyage

The Titanic’s maiden voyage began on April 10, 1912. The ship left Southampton, England, bound for New York City. On April 14, 1912, the Titanic hit an iceberg and started to sink. At 2:20 a.m. on April 15, 1912, the Titanic sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

There were 2,224 people on board the Titanic when it sunk. 1,514 people died in the sinking of the Titanic.

The sinking of the Titanic

On April 10, 1912, the Titanic set sail from Southampton, England on its maiden voyage to New York City. The ship was carrying 2,223 passengers and crew.

On April 14, 1912, at 11:40 pm, the Titanic struck an iceberg and began to sink. The ship sank at 2:20 am on April 15.

There were only 705 survivors. 1,514 people died in the sinking of the Titanic.

The death toll

When the Titanic sank in 1912, more than 1,500 people died in the cold waters of the North Atlantic. The death toll could have been even higher if not for the heroic efforts of the Titanic’s crew and passengers.

The aftermath

The sinking of the Titanic is one of the most infamous shipwrecks in history. On April 15, 1912, during her maiden voyage, the Titanic sank after colliding with an iceberg, killing 1502 out of 2224 passengers and crew members. This tragedy shocked the international community and led to better safety regulations for ships.


Of the 2,208 passengers and crew on board the Titanic, only 706 survived. It is estimated that 1,500 people died in the sinking of the Titanic.

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